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Itetero Iwacu

Itetero is a Kinyarwanda name which stands for a comfortzone for children, where they are nurtured with love, compassion, and good example. Iwacu means “at home”. Itetero Iwacu Organization (IIO) is a nonprofit organization that helps vulnerable children to access a quality education (through Itetero Bright Academy); refine nutrition (through school feeding programs and community nutrition workshops); as well as taking action to spread awareness on public health. That includes but not limited to preventing or mitigating the effects of NCDs among children and adolescents, advocating for children living with NCDs or birth defects, as well as training young adults on reproductive and mental health.

In order to communicate all these activities and their impacts to the general public, we use our very own Smile Africa TV, and this helps us to influence the audience while triggering more actions from the audience.

Our Story

60 miles from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, Mvumba is a village in Ngoma district with many children but without access to a preschool education.

In national exams, the students of a nearby primary school, Ecole Primaire Mvumba, failed 100% in 2014 and last year 2017. After failure in National Exams, students prefer to continue their studies in the 12 years’ basic education day program, rather than joining schools of excellence and stay in boarding sections to focus on academics.


Our Power In Numbers

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Our Mission

Create an environment that favours an excellent physical, spiritual, and socio-intellectual growth of disadvantaged children from their early age; by giving a full access to a quality education, advocating for their nutrition and health issues, as well as training community residents on various welfare aspects.

Our vision

Creating at least one community-based model school complex in each of the 30 districts of Rwanda and make it reference in providing quality education and training community residents 

Our Team

Joseph Dusabe

Co-founder & CEO

Marie Noella Shema

Program Manager

Israel Cyuzuzo

Co-Founder & COO

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