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ITETERO BRIGHT ACADEMY (Education Programme)

Under our education department, we have Itetero Bright Academy, which is a range of nursery and primary schools that will be created across the country. Itetero Iwacu Organization works with the government of Rwanda, model private schools, international educational organizations, and private providers to implement our strategic plan. We focus on five key activities:

  • Increasing access to both pre-school and primary education for vulnerable children living in marginalized areas of Rwanda
  • Improving the quality of education through a competency based and hands on learning
  • Incorporating basics coding skills and other innovative learning approaches
  • Spotting kids with special talents, nurture them, and later connect them to relevant institutions and TVETs 
  • Strengthening a spiritual and cultural education in order to help children in our network enhance their 
social skills, as well as growing different aspects connected to the Rwandan cultural values and ethics

FOOEd (Nutrition Programme)

As far as the nutrition is concerned, we focus on the following three activities:
  • Creating nutrition and school feeding programs that help improving school experience as well as inspiring physical and intellectual growth of children. 
  • Organizing community workshops to teach pregnant women, mothers, and other interested community members on how to prepare a balanced diet using available foods in their households 
  • Working with nutrition-related organizations to provide food supplements to malnourished children in our network like Ongera, milk (inkongoro y’umwana), Shisha Kibondo, nutri toto, processed beetroots, and other foods that help to reducing the stunting rate among the children. 


The advocacy department of Itetero Iwacu Organization deals with helping children living with birth defects and Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) to get an effective healthcare. However, this goes beyond to benefit parents also living with NCDs; in order to help them accomplish their parental responsibilities. 
This advocacy department does not only limit itself to responding to birth defects or NCDs, but also invests much efforts in prevention and control. Very specifically, Itetero Bright Academy school curriculum has some lessons about NCDs and how to prevent them through physical activity, enhancing food habits, etc… 

These efforts are powered by the academy teachers and community health counselors commonly known as “Abajyanama b’ubuzima”. We also base on UNICEF and ADRA-Rwanda community health reports for children to decide on which specific actions we need to take to helping needy children in the community.

SMILE AFRICA TV (Sharing Kids Stories)

Smile Africa TV is a YouTube-based TV channel that broadcast to Advocate for rights of children in danger, spotting children with potential talents to be nurtured, provide a platform for kids to entertain their fellow kids and the online community in general.

The channel also provide educational resources for kids around the world, connects kids with people who might be interested to sponsor their education, as well as fundraising the money to support vulnerable kids at risk.

ANNUAL KIDS EVENTS (Celebrating Every Little Success)

As far as the events are concerned, we strongly believe that they contribute massively to the social and cultural growth of the citizens. Thus, our program highlights different types of events that both our children and Itetero Iwacu Organization’s staff will be attending on an annual basis. Those include:

  • Yes, I can! (Speechdays): Three times a year (Once a term).
  • Walking for Excellence (The annual school graduation ceremony): November (Dates might change)
  • My Christmas Smile: Distributing Christmas Shoeboxes from Samaritans’ Purse: December 26th
  • I love You Mum (The mother’s day): May (Dates might change)
  • The International Children’s Day: November 20th
  • The African Child’s Day: June 16th

During all these events, all children in our network join other children countrywide/worldwide to celebrate an achievement, the rights they are entitled to, or having fun within their families or communities at large.

ITETERO ONE WORLD (Connecting Kids in Rwanda with Kids Worldwide)

From the experience, we got from different international networking agents, we had an opportunity to explore how possible it is to create a network of children worldwide. That network consists of a platform through which kids, facilitated by their teachers and parents, will meet their counterparts in other countries. Though that, they will get connected, share different experiences, friendly notes, pictures, videos, and send gifts to each other especially during festive seasons and occasional celebrations.

Due to factors like globalization, it has become much more easier for kids in Japan to network with kids in South Africa, kids in Rwanda to network with kids in Norway, kids in Hong Kong to network with kids in Argentina and so on.

This will go beyond spreading love to create a sense of networking at early age, improving thinking beyond borders, benefiting from other schools learning opportunities, as well as creating an everlasting friendship that will turn into future professional or social connections.

Moreover, Itetero One World also brings people across the world who want to sponsor education of kids in low income countries so that they become great people in the future.

Would you like to sponsor one of the kids in Itetero Bright Academy? Please send us a note here, we will get back to you very quickly. Would you rather like to know more about the sponsorship, virtual friendship programs, or any other information about our work? Please reach out to us through the address mentioned in the Contact Us Button.

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